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Chips and Dairy Fast Food

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Sun-Thu: 11am-9pm

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We will be closed from Monday, March 6th to Sunday, March 19th and be back open on Monday, March 20th.

     We will be closed

     March 6th to March 19th and   

     be back open on March 20th.

    Thank you!


Chips adn Dairy


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Chips and Dairy Fast Food

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(613) 739-9889



We serve Chinese and Canadian foods such as Poutines, Fries, Burgers, Ice creams, Sundaes, Milkshakes, General Tao Chicken, Szechuan Chicken etc. Whether you're new to Chinese cooking or a long-time fan trying a different style of Chinese food, this restaurant is the place to start. You'll find the basic recipes here, and if you want to try something new and different, our experienced chefs will bring you more.


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